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How To Read

  • I often on the first day of classes, especially graduate classes, have an extended discussion about how to read. Generally, I am trying to both point out what they should be doing when reading and at the same time making clear there is no one way to read. Thus I find it helpful to both give my own ideas and to bring in handouts of other people's instructions on reading. In the last few years among my favorite pieces to give them has been one written by David Chioni Moore at Macalaster College. You can find it at: I really very much like his concept of "active reading" and I often have my undergraduates practice active reading in class. - Ebarkleybrown Ebarkleybrown Oct 8, 2007

A Twist on Research Papers and Group Projects: Developing a Documentary Film Proposal

I have developed an assignment for my Era of the Civil War class that is designed to provoke a creative approach to research and to encourage the development of teamwork skills. I ask students to form groups of 3-5 and develop a proposal for a documentary film on some aspect of Civil War History. The assignment instructions and the grading rubrics are attached. Melissa Walker, Converse College.